Thursday, October 26, 2017

Elflandia Auditions

Winter Concert Auditions!

Calling all grade 3, 4 and 5 students who love to act and perform. 

1.        Choose a part: Elf 1 or Elf 2.
2.       Memorize
3.        Practice with a partner.
4.        Sign up for an audition spot outside the Music Room.

 Auditions are Wednesday, Nov.1, Thursday, Nov. 2 & Friday, Nov. 3.

 Remember to speak with expression
and add actions!

Elf 1:  Hey Jingle, what are reading?
          Is it fiction or is it fact?

Elf 2:  Oh, it's a book about human beings,
         And about the way they act.

Elf 1:  Oh it really must be fiction then.
          Real humans are inconceivable.

Elf 2:  No human could actually exist.
          The things they do are unbelievable!

Elf 1:  I'm telling you, I think they are real! I heard their songs and cheers!
          I heard them singing holiday songs with my very own pointed ears!

Elf 2:  But have you actually ever seen a real human being?
          It's hard to believe in anything that you are not really seeing.

Elf 1:  Once I saw some tracks in the snow
          That must have been 10 inches long!

Elf 2:  And I heard a giant person singing
          A totally human song.

Elf 1: Really? What did it sound like?

Elf 2:  It was a little bit scary, but it went something like this.
            (very loudly) DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY! 
          FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!

Elf 1:  YIKES! That IS scary! No elf would ever make a sound like that.
          Are you sure it wasn't the wail of a cat?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Body Percussion

In many music classes, we use body percussion (snapping, clapping, patting or stamping) with our activities. Sometimes it is used with a speech arrangement or a song; sometimes it stands alone just as a body percussion piece. We use it to keep the beat or as accompaniment. Sometimes the students have to come up with their own 4 or 8 beat patterns or ostinatos. Sometimes we might even add movement. 

Here is a fabulous example of a choir using body percussion and movement to enhance their piece. The Gondwana Voices is Australia’s national choir for treble singers aged 10-17. Check out this video!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sansa Kroma

The Grade 4/5 classes have been learning the song, Sansa Kroma (pronounced sah-sah crow-mah) meaning Sansa, the Hawk. This song is a traditional African folk song from Ghana and some of the lyrics are in the Akan language. The song describes an orphaned hawk searching for food. Through this song, African children are reminded that unlike the orphaned hawk, they will never be left on their own. Family, friends, or other members of the village will always be there to help them.

Take a look at this video of another children's choir singing the same song.

Intro: Sah-sah woo chay koh-koh mah  :// 4x

1  Sah-sah croh-mah nee nay woo aw-chay-chay koh-koh mah ://4x

Sah-sah  sah-sah croh-mah  :// 4x

2  Sah-sah croh-mah, little hawk you roam the sky alone.
Sah-sah croh-mah, soaring high above, all on your own.
Sah-sah croh-mah, may you come to know in time like me
Sah-sah croh-mah, many friends, a home and family.

Sah-sah  sah-sah croh-mah  :// 4x

Hand Claps

3  Sah-sah croh-mah nee nay woo aw-chay-chay koh-koh mah ://4x

Sah-sah  sah-sah croh-mah  :// 4x