Monday, October 16, 2017

Body Percussion

In many music classes, we use body percussion (snapping, clapping, patting or stamping) with our activities. Sometimes it is used with a speech arrangement or a song; sometimes it stands alone just as a body percussion piece. We use it to keep the beat or as accompaniment. Sometimes the students have to come up with their own 4 or 8 beat patterns or ostinatos. Sometimes we might even add movement. 

Here is a fabulous example of a choir using body percussion and movement to enhance their piece. The Gondwana Voices is Australia’s national choir for treble singers aged 10-17. Check out this video!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sansa Kroma

The Grade 4/5 classes have been learning the song, Sansa Kroma (pronounced sah-sah crow-mah) meaning Sansa, the Hawk. This song is a traditional African folk song from Ghana and some of the lyrics are in the Akan language. The song describes an orphaned hawk searching for food. Through this song, African children are reminded that unlike the orphaned hawk, they will never be left on their own. Family, friends, or other members of the village will always be there to help them.

Take a look at this video of another children's choir singing the same song.

Intro: Sah-sah woo chay koh-koh mah  :// 4x

1  Sah-sah croh-mah nee nay woo aw-chay-chay koh-koh mah ://4x

Sah-sah  sah-sah croh-mah  :// 4x

2  Sah-sah croh-mah, little hawk you roam the sky alone.
Sah-sah croh-mah, soaring high above, all on your own.
Sah-sah croh-mah, may you come to know in time like me
Sah-sah croh-mah, many friends, a home and family.

Sah-sah  sah-sah croh-mah  :// 4x

Hand Claps

3  Sah-sah croh-mah nee nay woo aw-chay-chay koh-koh mah ://4x

Sah-sah  sah-sah croh-mah  :// 4x

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Welcome to the Music Room.

My name is Ms. Goertzen and I am excited for the 2017-2018 year. In the Music Room, the students will experience singing, playing instruments, speaking in rhythm, music listening, movement, creating, improvisation and performing. These are all aspects of the Orff process, a method of teaching music to elementary students. In the Music Room, we strive to grow as music makers in active participation where all students are included!

Welcome to the Music Blog.

This blog is a place where we can celebrate our K-5 Music program with news about what we are learning and information on upcoming performances. Please feel free to stop by and leave a comment or submit your email address (top right corner) and you will receive a message indicating that new information has been added.

To navigate the blog, you will notice three tabs at the top of the page:
Home/Crestview Singers/Recorder Karate.
Home is where you already are. If you click on the Crestview Singers or Recorder Karate tab, it will take you to a separate blog with that particular information. Once you are in the Crestview Singers or Recorder Karate blog and you want to get back, click on Main Blog and you will be back where you started.

The Crestview Singers blog will have any information regarding our performances and dates as well as lyrics to the songs we are learning. Accompaniments and YouTube videos of the songs will also be posted if available.

The Recorder Karate blog is a helpful tool for the Recorder Club students if they wish to practice at home. In the Recorder Club, students are working towards ten coloured belts of yarn to add to the bottom of their recorders. Each belt song increases in difficulty with more and more notes and rhythms added. The "coloured belt" songs are posted as well as an accompaniment clip they can play along with. On the right hand side of the page, each belt is listed if the students wish to locate their song quickly. A recorder fingering chart is also located here.

Periodically you will find photos of what is happening in the Music Room on Instagram (@crestviewmusicroom). If you have not signed the Media Release form, don't worry, your child will not be in the picture!

I am looking forward to another fantastic year of making music together!

Musically yours,

Ms. Goertzen